Friday, February 14, 2014

It's All In The Details

Yesterday, Boo and I covered the same route again - it's right out the back door with the snowshoes on, and I can let her Ladyship offleash in there. Does it get boring?, Sure, if you let it, but the trick is to have an eye to the details - and a camera, of course...

Speaking of details - the lens on the PowerShot SX30 is impressing me more and more - Canon's always did have good glass - and the anti-shake compensation is light-years ahead of anything else I've used.The first shot below is my favourite view on this track - yes, you've already seen it - and the second a zoom from the same time and location. Basically handheld, arms resting on a  fencerail - not too shabby for an old pro who's more old than pro these days. Would have needed a tripod to get this sharp a handheld image with that magnification back in my 35mm heyday.

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