Friday, November 16, 2007

Buttoning It Up

Time to close up the cabin for the year.

Put the glass insert in the storm door, drain the water system, set up the heat tape on the water takeoff pipe we use for our very occasional "check-the-place-out" overnight visits thru the winter. Stash the kayaks that don't overwinter outdoors in the basement. Sweep it out, and antifreeze the toilet and the sinks. Fill the tub with "first-flush" water, and lay out the hose from basement to bathroom for additional supplies. Check the doors, windows and heaters one last time.
Head for home, and pray for spring.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Free Heat, Free Heat!!!

Take 240 empty pop or beer cans, paint 'em black. Build a lexan covered box, put 15 columns of 16 cans each inside. Cut two holes in your living room wall. Screw the unit to your wall. Add a fan on the floor level intake vent in your living room, blow the air it gathers thru the cans, pump it back in thru a vent high in the wall, about 25 degrees centigrade warmer than it originally was. Voila, free heat, whenever the sun shines on the panel.
Yup, just that simple...The Cansolair solar heating panel is the brainchild of Jim Meaney, a Newfoundlander who has pursued the dream of free heat from the sun for close on 20 years now. As I type, our Model RA 240 SOLAR MAX panel is pumping heat into our living room, for the cost of running a small fan. Love to see those three little flaps on the upper vent standing straight out, pouring free, absolutely non-polluting heat into the house.

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