Friday, October 25, 2013

Misty Day on The Bay
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Been a while - lots has changed, but all's OK. Been spending time at the cabin, mostly feeding the woodstove and taking things easy. Weather's been nice. Here's a a few pix to hopefully get things rolling again at the Point.

Visitors Centre, Saltons Brook TNNP

The Narrows, Saltons Brook

Malady Head, TNNP
Malady Head again, this time from the water

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Been A While...

Three years, to be exact - and there's been a lot of changes since then.

Firstly, finally, and most importantly Chris is gone, after 35 years of wonderful togetherness and a mercifully brief battle with breast cancer. Miss her every minute of every day...

Since then, my friends, and most especially our two daughters and their husbands, have carried me forward with their concern, companionship and love, for which I am deeply, deeply grateful. That's all I want to say on this, because there is really nothing more to be said, except that we should cherish those we love every minute we have with them...

I wanted to start Ballyhack Point again now because life goes on, and there are still many, many things in life that remain beautiful, fascinating and to be celebrated. In the months ahead, I'm hoping to post  occasionally about things that matter to me, be they major or minor, and to add a few more thoughts and pix about the incredible island where I'm blessed to live. We'll see how it goes...